MelaCake hand-made programming car adds DIY elements, older children can assemble by themselves; younger children are guided by parents to assemble together.

The entire MelaCake car is assembled by the user, and then the program is written in TARKUS VP, allowing the user to build a car that can act according to his instructions from scratch.

Younger beginners can match the game kit and simplified game setting interface separately, experience programming with simple actions and see the results in real time.

As the game progresses, instill logical concepts into the child's mind bit by bit.

BeeCar Components

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The BeeCar smart car is an intelligent programming car designed and developed by Tuokes. It is used with the software TarkusVP to write programs for the realization and creation of various actions, so that users who learn TarkusVP can instantly verify the programs they have written with the matching hardware. Presentation is the most intuitive way. The basic version of BeeCAR includes motherboards, LED lights, distance sensors, motors, Bluetooth and other modules. In addition to the basic board, there are advanced module accessories that can create more differences. Features, BeeCar Advanced Edition includes speakers & lights, mechanical arms, infrared and wireless joysticks.