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[General FAQ]

At present, it is mainly sold on the official website!

[Shopping FAQ]

It takes about 3 to 6 business days from payment to receipt of your goods.

ATM payment (within 3 days) Online ATM / Physical ATM /

After logging in, click on the order in[my account],Then you can check your order!

If you have any questions, please contact customer service or order reply before completing the payment. If the payment is completed, the order content can no longer be changed.

Please report in the order message after payment, we will process your payment status as soon as possible, and we will arrange shipment as soon as possible on the working day.

[Delivery and pickup problems]

Taiwan currently only offers "home delivery" delivery.

For orders placed / payment completed, we will complete the shipment in about 1 ~ 3 working days. If the order is established on Friday, it will be postponed to next Monday (in case of holidays, it will be postponed to the next working day) .

SMS or email notification when shipping

[FAQ for members]

The purchase amount is stored in your [TARKUS] member account. After logging in to the member, the system will automatically redeem it at checkout. The maximum discounted order is 5%.

  • If you need to reduce the discounted shopping gold, you can click "Rebate Shopping Gold" in the "Order Information" section of the checkout page, and modify the shopping gold you need to redeem (up to 5% of the purchase amount). Click "Apply" to complete the modification.

The membership shopping fee for first time registration as a member of [TARKUS] must be used within60days.
In the case of shopping funds sent from time to time, follow the description of the event.

After logging in to the membership,click the [Shopping Credit] tab in [My Account],and you can check the detailed information about the balance of the shopping credit, the date of acquisition or deduction, points used, and expiration date.

After logging in, click the [Personal Information] tab in [My Account] to view and modify the member information, including: email, password, recipient name, phone, address and other information.

[Note] Email is a member login account. If it is modified, you will need to log in with a new email next time. Order notification letters will also be sent to the new email.
*In addition, the modified email must be the email of a member who has not registered with [TARKUS] before.